Susan Alvarez, MBA

I met Mr. Duncan over six years ago as a single mother of two young boys. For quite some time, Mr. Duncan was unknowingly the only role model for my oldest son. In addition to being an excellent teacher who is attentive to specific, individualized needs and interests, Mr. Duncan provides consistency, an example of godly character, and encouragement. I am so grateful that Mr. Duncan has shared his talents in teaching traditional school subjects such as math and science, as well as extracurricular areas including taekwondo and drums in such a way that provides a well-rounded base for learning at all levels. If I had to go back to the time when I was looking for a school for my children, I would gladly choose Mr. Duncan over again.

Christian families would benefit from Mr. Duncan’s services by continuing education from a biblical perspective that will enrich their lives far more than an education based on a worldly view. While a strong education is important, keeping it strong and aligned with Christian principles has an eternal significance far greater.