Mrs. Tercero

Mr. Duncan is an experienced, extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher. I love how he diligently works to bring to light each student’s talents, refines their skills while providing excelling and challenging opportunities; which reflects in their progress academically and in character.

Mrs. Dorsett

Mr. Duncan is an excellent teacher. He has helped our daughter Aryanna so much. His teaching methods are exceptional. I could not have asked for a better teacher for my child. Thank you, Mr. Duncan. You made a real difference in our world. We couldn’t be happier with the last year.

Sonia Collins

I highly recommend Mr. Don Duncan as a home school instructor and tutor. For almost ten years, I have witnessed his genuine love for teaching my three children through rigorous academic classes with and through an uncompromising Christian philosophy and worldview. He has a true gift to teach and adapt difficult material to meet each child’s individual personality and interests. At the same time, he exhorts them to push themselves, while being relentless in empowering them and challenging them to be all that they can be. Mr. Duncan has a spirit of excellence which has inspired all of us to always keep our faith in the most difficult circumstances and to forever BE KIND, PRAY, BE PREPARED, EXCEL, and NO EXCUSES. His attention to detail has always amazed me by recognizing my children’s strengths and weaknesses and affirming them while providing constructive feedback which enabled my children to advance, excel, and bloom in so many areas. Mr. Duncan’s character and love for teaching has inspired our children to learn to love subjects they previously strongly disliked. He has made teaching fun and caused my children to nourish and grow an authentic love for learning while still connecting with my children on a personal level. My children have learned to love Mr. Duncan, and his love for God and knowledge of Creation facts both intertwine in the fiber and foundation of my children’s personalities and belief-value system. I am so thankful, privileged, and honored that Mr. Duncan has been such an important part in helping lay a strong foundation as my husband and I teach and train our children in the way they should go. Without hesitation, I recommend Mr. Duncan as a gifted teacher and math tutor to any family desiring to benefit from his aforementioned gifts.

Dr. Philip Woodall, DO

My name is Philip Woodall, DO. I am a Hospice and Palliative medicine physician and owner of Ministering Physicians, PA, in Round Rock, Texas. My wife Courtney and I have known Don and Debbie Duncan and their children for 15 years. We have been extraordinarily blessed to have had Don Duncan teach four of our children subjects such as mathematics, pre-calculus, science courses including biology and chemistry, as well as martial arts and P.E. Mr. Duncan taught one of our girls to play the drums in record time, and mentored one of our boys to great success in speech, debate, and leadership skills. Don Duncan is passionate, creative, abounding in energy and enthusiasm for life in Christ, his students, and whatever subject he’s teaching. His classes cover the foundation material, but also stretch way beyond the box to challenge students to do more and be more than they ever imagined that they could do or be. Our family highly recommends Mr. Duncan to other homeschooling families. We can’t imagine any better teacher than Don Duncan.

Susan Alvarez, MBA

I met Mr. Duncan over six years ago as a single mother of two young boys. For quite some time, Mr. Duncan was unknowingly the only role model for my oldest son. In addition to being an excellent teacher who is attentive to specific, individualized needs and interests, Mr. Duncan provides consistency, an example of godly character, and encouragement. I am so grateful that Mr. Duncan has shared his talents in teaching traditional school subjects such as math and science, as well as extracurricular areas including taekwondo and drums in such a way that provides a well-rounded base for learning at all levels. If I had to go back to the time when I was looking for a school for my children, I would gladly choose Mr. Duncan over again.

Christian families would benefit from Mr. Duncan’s services by continuing education from a biblical perspective that will enrich their lives far more than an education based on a worldly view. While a strong education is important, keeping it strong and aligned with Christian principles has an eternal significance far greater.

Joshua Wright

We first met Mr. Don Duncan and his family several years ago as my daughter was struggling with her math classes.  We hired Don as a tutor and shortly thereafter enrolled our two youngest daughters into his school, True Vine.   Without a doubt this was the best educational decision we have made, working with Don.  Our girls not only grew academically but also spiritually in their experience with Don and his family.  One of our girls only looked forward to lunch and PE at public school, but after three years of tutoring and attending Don’s school she blossomed into enjoying (most) every subject and looked forward to learning each day.  Don has a unique gift which he turns every subject he teaches into a biblical lesson; math becomes the understanding of God universe and science displays the character of God.  We are saddened that True Vine will close, however, we have already asked Mr. Duncan to tutor our girls, and for his daughters to tutor our oldest (high school).  We could not imagine our lives without the Duncan family, whether they tutor our girls or not.  Their gifts and ministry working with children’s education is unparalleled by anyone I have witnessed.  Our girls education will be more developed, stronger, and most important spiritually focused with Mr. Duncan and his family in our lives.

Aaron, Former Student/Southwestern College Student

A couple of years ago, I was confronted by the most daunting challenge I had yet faced. The director of a local non-profit organization approached me and asked if I would be willing to speak at her organization’s annual fundraising banquet in front of hundreds of people. For weeks, I struggled in vain to find a way to effectively communicate the passion that I felt for the organization’s cause. Just when I thought I might be overwhelmed by the task, I reached out to the one man that I knew could help me: Mr. Duncan. As he has done for me more times than recollection is capable of capturing, Mr. Duncan drew out of me capabilities that I didn’t know I possessed and consequently the speech turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. From public speaking to arithmetic, time and again Mr. Duncan has demonstrated that he’s the sort of teacher that animates any subject right before your eyes, and cultivates in the hearts of all his students a desire to grow in knowledge and character.