Joshua Wright

We first met Mr. Don Duncan and his family several years ago as my daughter was struggling with her math classes.  We hired Don as a tutor and shortly thereafter enrolled our two youngest daughters into his school, True Vine.   Without a doubt this was the best educational decision we have made, working with Don.  Our girls not only grew academically but also spiritually in their experience with Don and his family.  One of our girls only looked forward to lunch and PE at public school, but after three years of tutoring and attending Don’s school she blossomed into enjoying (most) every subject and looked forward to learning each day.  Don has a unique gift which he turns every subject he teaches into a biblical lesson; math becomes the understanding of God universe and science displays the character of God.  We are saddened that True Vine will close, however, we have already asked Mr. Duncan to tutor our girls, and for his daughters to tutor our oldest (high school).  We could not imagine our lives without the Duncan family, whether they tutor our girls or not.  Their gifts and ministry working with children’s education is unparalleled by anyone I have witnessed.  Our girls education will be more developed, stronger, and most important spiritually focused with Mr. Duncan and his family in our lives.