Sonia Collins

I highly recommend Mr. Don Duncan as a home school instructor and tutor. For almost ten years, I have witnessed his genuine love for teaching my three children through rigorous academic classes with and through an uncompromising Christian philosophy and worldview. He has a true gift to teach and adapt difficult material to meet each child’s individual personality and interests. At the same time, he exhorts them to push themselves, while being relentless in empowering them and challenging them to be all that they can be. Mr. Duncan has a spirit of excellence which has inspired all of us to always keep our faith in the most difficult circumstances and to forever BE KIND, PRAY, BE PREPARED, EXCEL, and NO EXCUSES. His attention to detail has always amazed me by recognizing my children’s strengths and weaknesses and affirming them while providing constructive feedback which enabled my children to advance, excel, and bloom in so many areas. Mr. Duncan’s character and love for teaching has inspired our children to learn to love subjects they previously strongly disliked. He has made teaching fun and caused my children to nourish and grow an authentic love for learning while still connecting with my children on a personal level. My children have learned to love Mr. Duncan, and his love for God and knowledge of Creation facts both intertwine in the fiber and foundation of my children’s personalities and belief-value system. I am so thankful, privileged, and honored that Mr. Duncan has been such an important part in helping lay a strong foundation as my husband and I teach and train our children in the way they should go. Without hesitation, I recommend Mr. Duncan as a gifted teacher and math tutor to any family desiring to benefit from his aforementioned gifts.